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Young Wipper Snapper

Cliffs Notes version: During my senior year of high school I discovered photography while visiting a friend's house. In his father's darkroom illuminated by a dim Red light, I was amazed when I saw an image appear on a white sheet of paper a few seconds after it was submerged in several trays of chemicals. It was like magic, I was hooked! 

Since then: 2yrs U.S. Army, 4yrs U.S. Air Force,  2yrs Community College, 6yrs University, 6yrs Owned Photography Studio, 3yrs Civil Service, 5yrs University Professor - Photography, 6yrs Medical Software - Training, Installation, and Support, 16yrs at Emory Healthcare System, Now Retired trying to pickup where it all began, except now with a great deal more experience, drive, and creativity as you can see!

Next time you need personal or commercial photography please let me know. Thanks

Cell:   (904) 472-8759

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