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Condo Rental 360 Virtual Tour Sample

Navigating around the 360° Tour

Computer Mouse

mouse hand 2.jpg

Hot Spot

Hot Spots 2.jpg

Laptop Touchpad

Track Pad.jpg

If you have never seen a 360° Virtual Tour prepare to be WOWed!  Now you can look at numerous beautiful condos and walk from room to room, all while wearing anything you want, any time you want day or night. If you use a desktop computer with a mouse, hold down the left mouse button and slide it left or right and the room will turn around just as if you are standing in the room. You can do the same thing using a Laptop Touchpad. Hold down the left bottom tab and slide with the other fingers along the top left and right. See the Touchpad top right illustration. The Hot Spots allow you to move to other rooms. Move the pointer over the Hot Spot and it will show you what it is. Press the left mouse button and presto you are now in the next room or are seeing a key feature.

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